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May 29, 2012

Avid Sports Fan and Artist Mike Summo Combines His Two Passions to Create Exclusive Sports Themed Works of Art.

Employing artistic methods such as abstract expressionism, pop art, graffiti and street art has resulted in something not seen before in the sports collectible hobby.

Sports and art are two things not usually associated with one another but avid sports fan and artisan Mike Summo has mixed his two passions to create exclusive sports themed works of art.

After years of experimenting in abstracts, drawing tattoo’s and free lance graphic design, Summo found his niche by focusing in on his love of sports.

“For years I have seen sports themed art centered on the athletes themselves” says Summo “I rather celebrate and honor the history of a team and illustrate the passion for that organization by focusing on the logo and colors.”

It all started when a friend noticed a Washington Redskins painting he had done and asked if he would be interested in doing a NY Mets painting.  Mike thought about it and asked if he was being commissioned?  His friend said yes and that led to another friend of his asking for one then another friend and another. “It started to snow ball I was doing all these sports paintings and I thought, well I love sports and I love art let’s see where I can go with this”.

Summo realized that he found his niche and started to build an inventory of paintings covering the four major sports.  “It started with the local NY teams (Mets, Islanders, Knicks) but I grew tired of using orange and blue and wanted to expand my horizons so I started doing paintings of the teams that I liked aesthetically, not so much a fan of that particular team but of the colors and logo’s of such teams.”

After selling and painting over 100 pieces devoted to sports teams, Summo recently has made his work available on the internet. “I’m always working on something whether it’s a current team’s logo or a throwback, the source material is huge.”

Paintings are currently available on his etsy page with plans to develop his own website.   For the modest price of $60 for an 11” x 14” and $80 for a 16” x 20”, and factoring in that every item is a one-of-a-kind, this could be the best art deal around.    Once they are sold you won’t be able to get another one like it.

“Once I do a painting of a particular logo that version will be the only one like it, I basically throw away any stencils or any other methods I used on that particular painting and move on.”  Summo goes on to say that he might do another version of one team’s logo but he can’t exactly match what he did from painting to painting. As for his future in art Summo adds “My end game right now is to get my name out there as an established artist and have people recognize my work, so if that means selling my work at low prices or giving them away as gifts around the holidays at worst I have made a few friends”.

Pictured above: Mr. Met Pop art - Using silk screens to repeat the same image multiple times on the same canvas is a popular technique in pop art and who better then Mr Met to do it with.

Pictured above: Marlins abstract - Joe Loria (the owner of the Marlins) is an art aficionado and would probably appreciate this abstract piece utilizing elements of the new Marlins logo in multiple colors.

To see current artwork Mike Summos has for sale click here: www.sportsartbysummo.com.