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November 29, 2014
Upper Deck Offers NHL Team Patches in Blasters
While it has been out for a few weeks now, 2014-15 Upper Deck Series One keeps on delivering surprises as it was announced earlier this week that certain blaster boxes of the product would contain special Team Logo patches that have not only added some strong value, but they also have created a definite buzz for team collectors and those trying to make a master set.

November 28, 2014
2014 Panini Black Friday – Should We REALLY Be Excited for These?
Black Friday is upon us, and with it another edition of the Panini set that is put out every year. Although I feel like free stuff is good as long as the price is what its, then there is a positive situation to this program. However at the same time, there is so many horrible back end things going on with Black Friday, which I also feel would probably be pretty negative if collectors had a real understanding of it.

November 28, 2014
Since 1999, the search for the elusive BGS Pristine 10 has been the quest for every person that submits cards for grading or buys cards for their collection.
A card worthy of four “10” subgrades is worthy of a special label. Starting today, each card that reaches this quad-10 level will receive a special black label showing that the ultimate grade has been reached. The black label is for modern cards only — and not valid for any BVG cards (1980 and older).

November 27, 2014
Bogus Authenticator Drew Max Crawls Out From Under Rock of Obscurity.
Drew Max was paid $10,000 to authenticate bogus material. Obviously for that kind of payday, a man who has been pushed to the fringe of the industry would authenticate just about anything and that is exactly what he did.

November 26, 2014
Huge Vintage PSA Baseball Card Collection Consigned to Auction
Huge Vintage PSA Baseball Card Collection Consigned to Auction

Andy Sandler’s AllSprotsAuctions has started and includes tons of Vintage PSA and raw cards plus the “usual-unusual” stuff.

November 26, 2014
New 13-Card Set Available From Jewish Sports Heritage Association
In time for the 2014 holiday season, The Jewish Sports Heritage Association is relaing a set of trading cards of great Jewish athletes, coaches and broadcasters.

November 26, 2014
First Look: 2014-15 Fleer Showcase Hockey
Fleer Showcase will have a small 100-card base set that is augmented by a large Hot Propsects Autograph Patch subset where each card is limited to 175 or 375 copies.

There will also be some Hot Prospects Autos (#’d to 149) for some players that Upper Deck does not have memorabilia for in addition to a carryover from last year in the Hot Prospects Duos (#’d to 299) and Trios (#’d to 399).

Each of the subset cards will have both a Red Glow and White Hot parallel. In the case of the Hot Prospects Auto Patches, the piece will be replaced with either a piece of glove or fight strap for the Red Glow version (limited to between 18 and 27 copies based on tier) while the White Hot cards feature a larger patch piece and are numbered to only three. For the other subsets, Red Glow cards (#’d to 27) and White Hot (#’d to 9) will exist as well. Some of the base set cards will have a Red Glow jersey parallel (#’d to 36) and a tiered White Hot edition limited to just 9 or 18 copies.

November 25, 2014
Odell Beckham Jr. hot commodity
Originally booked as an add-on to a Victor Cruz autograph signing, Odell Beckham Jr. became the main event at a Long Island mall on Monday night.

After the New York Giants wide receiver's amazing catch on Sunday night in a loss to the Dallas Cowboys, fans rearranged their Monday night schedules to see Beckham in person.

November 25, 2014
2014 Topps Chrome Football
This year's Topps Chrome set is considered hobby royalty, and no matter how bad the year’s rookie class is, Chrome is popular. Consistency is the name of the game, and Topps has ALWAYS delivered in droves.

November 25, 2014
First Look: 2014-15 Panini Paramount Basketball
Each box is expected to contain nine cards and is broken down into three autographs, one memorabilia card and five Dufex cards on average. While a few details were presented regarding the base set in sales materials provided by Panini, they did state that there will be a “Dufex Rainbow” – which may mean a variety of parallel versions for each card. Some cards will also have variants that will fall at the longer odds of once per five-box case.

Every autograph card in the set will be signed on-card and there will be 60 different Penmanship cards featuring both rookies and legends to collect. For added value, some autographed Buyback cards will be inserted into packs as well.

November 24, 2014
Meet the Man Who Blew Up the ‘Bartman Ball’ and Spearheaded the Chicago Sports Museum
DePorter is now the president of Harry Caray’s Restaurant Group – and a sports memorabilia collector as big and passionate about the hobby as Caray’s fabled, oversized, black-rimmed glasses.

DePorter is, of course, the one who purchased – and then blew up – the infamous Steve Bartman ball from the 2003 National League playoffs.

November 24, 2014
Panini’s Black Friday Starting To Shape Up
Starting on Friday, November 28, collectors will converge on hundreds of their favorite card stores in order to participate in the program and bust some packs or they can visit iCollectPanini.com if they do not have a hobby shop that is participating in the program. Naturally, there is an opportunity to pull autographs and memorabilia along with tough parallels from the worlds of baseball, basketball and football.

The base set will be made up of 65 total cards that are broken up into 21 current star players and 29 rookie performers (#’d to 499) to go along with some very limited Memorabilia Rookie Cards that have only 99 copies made for each. Some of these cards will also have autographed versions, too, and there are some huge names to be found.

November 23, 2014
Probe that took down Bill Mastro now turns spotlight on John Rogers
Court papers indicate Rogers is under scrutiny because he sold a wealthy Bay Area resident what were described as vintage and valuable photos of 19th and early 20th century baseball players that turned out to be reproductions.

November 23, 2014
Marlins Man auctioning off jersey for Make-A-Wish Foundation
Since rising from obscurity during the 2014 postseason, Laurence Leavy — aka Marlins Man — has become sports' version of "Where's Waldo?" With his customary bright orange Miami Marlins jacket and visor, Leavy tends to stand out from the crowd, especially when mixed in a sea of blue as he was at Kauffman Stadium during the World Series.

November 22, 2014
Unique Babe Ruth Cap From His Tour Of Japan At $50,000
The only known cap worn by Babe Ruth during his tour of Japan will star as the highlight of Grey Flannel Auctions' December 17 sale.

Starting at $50,000, the cap is thought to be a unique example, and was originally sourced from the Ruth family.

November 22, 2014
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Gets His Items Back From Auction House
Jabbar has been REUNITED with his treasured items - his college letterman sweater, rocking chair, NBA jerseys and more.

The NBA legend hired a moving truck Thursday and hit up Julien's Auction House in Beverly Hills -- where his most treasured belongings were being held during a hotly contested legal war over the items.

November 22, 2014
Topps Brings Back Scratch Games With Babe Ruth’s Call Your Own Shot Game
Topps has a new and exciting scratcher game for baseball fans and collectors ripping packs of 2015 Topps Series 1.Seeded into packs of 2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 are game cards that harken back to the scratcher games frequently found in packs of Topps in the early 1980s. The 21st Century version, called Babe Ruth’s Call Your Shot Game, let’s collectors “Call Their Shot” by choosing from three different options.

November 21, 2014
Mickey Mantle baseball card to exceed $185,000 at SCP Auctions?
It is the most valuable card issued in the post-war era and depicts the popular New York Yankees player with a bat over his shoulder.

The record for a Mantle baseball card stands at $282,000 - set for a PSA 9-graded example of the 1952 Topps issue in 2008.

November 21, 2014
Panini Admits Wrongdoing in Flawless Game Used Patches
Panini has gotten themselves into a hot mess. For a few players in Flawless, the cards were labeled as game used, when in fact they were leftover event used jerseys from the rookie premiere.

These players, Kaepernick, Jeffery, and others, are were part of an exhaustive review thread on the message boards, leading to this identification.

November 21, 2014
Mariano Rivera visits fans in South Korea
Future Hall of Famer Mariano Rivera visited Seoul, South Korea, as part of a promotional tour for JBL headphones and Beckett Grading Services’ Dongwoon Lee was there along with a few collectors who got to meet MLB’s career saves leader.

November 20, 2014
Prosecutor auctions off bogus sports memorabilia
John Molinelli had seized the items from a rogue drug store owner who’d been selling illegal drug samples and laundering the proceeds by purchasing memorabilia.

It turns out the Bergen County prosecutor was notified informally and through litigation papers almost 7 years ago that many of the items he’d seized were worthless fakes. But he never informed any auction bidders of that.

November 20, 2014
Report: Winston told FSU that memorabilia has forged autographs
The authenticity of Jameis Winston's signature on authenticated memorabilia has recently come under question, with the Palm Beach Post reporting Tuesday that Winston himself has told Florida State compliance officials that autographs on those items are forged.

November 20, 2014
Sources: Panini close to near-exclusive in college card market
The changes coming to the college trading card landscape in 2015 are going to be even more dramatic than anticipated, according to industry sources.

November 19, 2014
Hank Stram Super Bowl ring up for auction
The only Super Bowl championship ring owned by legendary Kansas City Chiefs coach Hank Stram will be available to the highest bidder.

Rick Kohl, president and CEO of North Carolina-based Worthridge Auctions, said his company purchased the ring from Stram's family. The online auction starts Wednesday and runs through Dec. 6.

November 19, 2014
Top 10 game-worn basketball shoes sold at auction
Battered, bruised and likely several sizes too big, they are coveted for their connection to the greats.

They won't make you jump any higher or improve your game, but will guarantee you the envy of fellow basketball obsessed friends.

November 19, 2014
T206 Wagner, Jackie Robinson HOF Plaque Among Rarities in Latest SCP Auctions Sale
In August, SCP Auctions’ company principals’ David Kohler and Dan Imler secured an astounding collection of more than 3,500 T206 cards from a private collector living in the northeast.

His lineup included the incomparable Honus Wagner T206, which was graded by PSA on site at the 35th Annual National Sports Collectors Convention (NSCC) in Cleveland. It received a PSA 1 designation, making it only the 33rd example authenticated and encapsulated by PSA.

November 18, 2014
'William Mastro and his gang of thieves stole my extremely rare and valuable baseball card collection from me': lawyer
This claim is important because raises questions about Mastro’s relationship with the top card grading firms, SGC and PSA. PSA, of course, awarded the Wagner card an “8” even though one of the graders has said he knew it had been trimmed.

November 18, 2014
Dress the Part: Auburn Coach Malzahn’s Sweater Vest Part of SCP Auctions Event
Branded “Kick Bama Kick” for Alabama’s kicking blunders, the game was played on Nov. 30, 2013, vs. No. 1-ranked Alabama at Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Stadium and ended in jubilation for Tigers’ fans when Auburn’s Chris Davis returned Alabama’s ill-fated 57-yard field goal attempt a miraculous 109 yards the other way as time expired (Davis’ helmet from that game sold for $47,190 earlier this year).

November 18, 2014
Card Gallery: 2014 Topps Heritage High Number
The 100-card set includes more than 60 Rookie Cards with both Rookie of the Year winners, Jose Abreu and Jacob deGrom among the players on the basic set as well as the 34-card autographed checklist. (There will be one autograph per factory set.) Interestingly, Abreu actually has two different autographed cards in this release.

November 17, 2014
Rare memorabilia pieces get rides in Classics
While first-time memorabilia card appearances of Hall of Famers such as Roger Bresnahan and Gabby Hartnett were touted by the company, there were a few other players among its teaser images who are rarely on memorabilia cards at all — added silent bonuses for those who find them. With vintage players, the memorabilia pieces can be much harder to find, leading to far fewer memorabilia cards than collectors might think.

November 17, 2014
New baseball card ensures we will always be reminded of the Padres selecting Johnny Manziel
The Instagram account of Topps posted a preview of their upcoming 2014 Bowman Draft Picks set. Much in the same way that the Padres selected Johnny Manziel in the twenty-eighth round of the June amateur draft just because they could, Bowman has chosen to immortalize the selection on glossy cardstock. I can't really fault Topps for including him; the pick was made, and the novelty will create buzz and in turn money for them, so it would have been irresponsible on their part to not include him.

November 15, 2014
The 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards Ever Pulled From A Pack
Collecting baseball cards is probably one of the most wholesome American traditions, both for children and adults. But what may be just a distant childhood hobby for some, is a profitable activity for others.

November 15, 2014
Tiger Woods would not sign autograph for a young Johnny Manziel
Manziel said he was “bitter” for about a day after Tiger snubbed him, and he tries to remember that story now when kids ask him for autographs. You really don’t have to try all that hard to be kinder to your fans than Tiger.

November 15, 2014
Rare autographed photo of the 1927 NY Yankees highlights annual Slugger Museum auction
Rare sports and baseball collectibles go on the block this weekend for the 11th annual Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Live Auction event.

The highlight of the event on Saturday, November 15, 2014 is expected to be the sale of a 1927 New York Yankees team autographed photo. Hunt Auctions' Jeremy Craft said it could easily bring six figures.

November 14, 2014
$2.4 Million Baseball Card And Memorabilia Collection Destroyed In Fiery, Fatal Plane Crash
The collector kept in his home a world-class baseball collection he had been building since the 1950s. During the trial Wielinksi's family sought compensatory damages for “the wrongful death as well as injuries, pain and suffering.”

The defense placed the collection’s value at $50,000. Josh Evans, chairman and founder of Lelands, testified the collection was worth $2.4 million. His testimony appears to have stopped the trial cold and allowed the family to settle and receive the proper compensation.

November 14, 2014
Famed Baseball Auction at Sotheby's Challenged
A baseball collector paid more than $75,000 for knockoff Willie Mays memorabilia at a Sotheby's auction, he claims in Federal Court.

When Jacobs tried to sell the jersey to Leland Collectibles for $670,000 in 2012, however, an appraiser concluded that the jersey was a fake, according to the complaint he filed on Wednesday.

November 14, 2014
Jersey Collection Helps Heritage Auctions Vault to $7.15M Sale
Heritage Auctions continues its status among the auction leaders in the industry with a $7.15+ million total in its Nov. 6-8 auction, lifting Heritage Sports’ annual tally to $30 million for 2014.

Prices were consistently strong in the auction across one of the most diverse and vast auction catalogs Heritage has ever produced, with football memorabilia in particular providing some of the brightest fireworks of the sale.

November 13, 2014
Collect call: 2014 Topps Supreme baseball
A two-card hobby box is available for collectors in the $60 to $80 range, depending on what website or hobby shop you visit. Each card will be an autograph card and will be numbered to 50 or less.

There are 94 autograph cards that would be considered the “base” set. The autographs are on stickers, which I really don’t like, particularly for a high-end product. But if the set includes sticker signatures of the late Stan Musial, Johnny Podres and now, sadly, Oscar Taveras, then I suppose a collector can justify those. For those living players? On-card signatures should have been a priority and a goal.

November 13, 2014
LeBron James jersey from first game back up for auction
If you want to own a piece of Cleveland sports history, it will cost you. Currently the bid is just over $10,000.

November 13, 2014
First look: 2014 Panini National Treasures
Panini America revealed the first looks and details for 2014 Panini National Treasures on Wednesday, a second edition of the high-end brand that will pack eight autographs and/or memorabilia cards in every box when it arrives on Dec. 17.

Every box will include at least four autographs and one booklet card. There will be eight types of booklet cards for collectors to find, while Panini also touts that it will have more on-card autographs than the landmark 2012 release.

November 12, 2014
Green light for memorabilia suit vs. Eli Manning, NY Giants
Eric Inselberg sued Manning and the Giants in Bergen County Superior Court in January, alleging that team employees created and sold dozens of fake items to sell to collectors and fans.

November 12, 2014
US Caramel Ruth, Goudey Lajoie Headline Greg Bussineau’s Latest Auction
Greg Bussineau Sports Rarities has just put the finishing touches on its Fall 2014 Vintage Trading Cards and Memorabilia catalog/Internet auction. The sale will feature 950 lots of important rarities, highest graded examples, legendary Hall of Famer cards and complete sets.

Bidding will begin on Nov. 13 and will end on Dec. 4.

November 12, 2014
Derek Jeter gets his own line of McFarlanes
The recently retired New York Yankees shortstop and future Hall of Famer is the subject of a recently released line of limited-edition figures from the company — every figure is limited to only 3,000 serial-numbered copies and each figure notes one of Jeter’s World Series appearances with his team.

November 11, 2014
Baseball Hall of Fame releases footage of MLB's star-studded 1934 trip to Japan
While this wasn’t MLB’s first trip to the country, but this 12-city, 22-game trip included superstar Babe Ruth, along with future Hall of Famers Lefty Gomez, Charlie Gehringer, Lou Gehrig and Earl Averill.

November 11, 2014
$15,000 Reward Offered in Yogi Berra Museum Heist
Thieves made off with two of the beloved Yankee Hall of Famer’s three Most Valuable Player Awards and several of his 10 World Championship rings.

However, Major League Baseball, the Yankees and Mets have stepped up to the plate by providing replicas of all the stolen items, along with several new things that weren’t previously part of the museum’s collection. These include replicas of all 27 New York Yankees World Championship rings from 1923-2009, the last time they won the World Series; the Mets’ 1969 World Championship and 1973 National League championship rings; and 1974 and 1982 All-Star Game rings.

November 11, 2014
Durham man finds rare Rose Bowl trophy in trash
A junk collector with a possible, rare find is now hoping to make some money while uncovering a lost piece of North Carolina sports history.

The collector, who did not want to share his name, believes he has a coach's trophy from the 1942 Rose Bowl game played in Durham at Duke University. This is the only Rose Bowl ever played outside of Pasadena, California.

November 10, 2014
2013-14 The Cup Pricing is Here
The final product of the 2013-14 hockey season was a huge hit with collectors, and now they can look up the prices of cards in 2013-14 The Cup from Upper Deck. The Cup was full of high-end hits and tons of autographs of this year’s best rookies as well as some of the greatest to ever play the game. The big hit of the product this year was the Nathan MacKinnon JSY AU/99 RC which has a high book value of $3,500.

November 10, 2014
Sports Memorabilia Store Scores Downtown Detroit Location, Honors Olympia
Olympia Stadium may been have razed decades ago, but its facade lives on through the efforts of a local sporting apparel retailer which honored the former home of the Detroit Red Wings when designing their new downtown location.

November 8, 2014
A piece of Forbes Field goes up for auction
Want it for your man cave? The bidding will start at $5,000. But the seller hopes it goes for at least double that.

That might not be out of the question. Alex Winter, Hake’s president, noted that in 2007 a 1923 terra cotta “cornerstone figural piece” from the original Yankee Stadium was sold through a New Jersey auction house specializing in baseball memorabilia for $52,875.

November 8, 2014
Jordan rookie card fails to sell at auction
Heritage Auctions in Dallas said Friday that bidding didn't meet the consigner-mandated reserve of $60,000. Heritage is now offering the card from 1986 for $71,700 on its website.

November 8, 2014
Catching Up With Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular
Chicago can, arguably, be called the best city in the U.S. for sports memorabilia shows, once anchored by the twice-a-year Chicago Sun-Times Show, which dates back decades.

This past March, when it was show time in Chicago, it was, instead, the dubbed the Fanatics Authentic Sports Spectacular – featuring a star-studded autograph lineup, longtime dealers from across the country and collectors by the thousands.

November 7, 2014
A $2.4-million sports memorabilia collection with 10 Mickey Mantle Yankees rookie cards destroyed in plane crash
Douglas Wielinski died in 2009 when a Continental Connection flight crashed into his home in Clarence Center, N.Y.

Also in that home, according to the Buffalo News: A sports memorabilia collection valued between $2 and $2.4 million.

November 7, 2014
Cubs prospect Bryant saves memorabilia collector $850
Forget that he was Baseball America's 2014 Minor League Player of the Year after leading the minors with 43 homers, combined between Triple-A Iowa and Double-A Tennessee last season.

Check out what he did for memorabilia collector Mike Kennedy.

November 7, 2014
‘Terrible Terry’ Norris Boxing Collection Part of SCP Auctions’ Upcoming Sale
Retired boxer Terry Norris, 47, was a four-time world champion in the Light-Middleweight (Super-Welterweight) division. His pure athletic ability was his best attribute in the ring.

Pieces from Norris’ boxing collection, including numerous award and fight-worn artifacts will be part of SCP Auctions’ sale that kicks off Nov. 19.

November 6, 2014
Bobby Hull’s jersy sells for $122,057
The jersey was one of several items featured among the 88 lots from son Brett Hull’s personal collection.

There was no immediate word on who purchased the jersey. The Historical Hockey Memorabilia Auction closed Wednesday.

November 6, 2014
Michael Jordan rookie card could bring more than $80,000 at auction
Heritage Auctions in Dallas is offering the card from 1986 in an online auction where it's expected to sell after midnight Thursday. The consigner wishes to remain anonymous.

Chris Ivy, Heritage's director of sports collectibles, says the Fleer card is one of only five Jordan rookie cards to get Beckett Grading Services' top grade of "Pristine 10."

November 6, 2014
T206 Silver Bar Series on the Way
Precious metals are coming back to the sports collectibles industry and it has nothing to do with Highland or Franklin Mint or the card manufacturers.

Elemetal (clever, yes?) specializes in precious metals and minting. They are using that expertise to produce a silver bar series of T206 baseball greats, kicking off with Honus Wagner.

November 5, 2014
5 Steps To Grading Baseball And Other Sports Cards For Profit
Here are the steps of buying “raw” cards with upside potential for grading in certified, tamper-proof holders.

November 5, 2014
Panini Continues College Romp, Adds 200 More Universities to Card Agreement
In addition to exclusive deals with three of the top 12 teams in the current Associated Press Top 25 college football poll (including No. 1 Mississippi State), the new agreement with more than 200 schools represented by LRG also includes traditional basketball-rich programs such as Memphis, Marquette, St. John’s, Temple and more.

November 4, 2014
Harry Frazee and Babe Ruth Together Again - For The Right Price
The one-time owner of the Boston Red Sox and the left-handed pitcher and slugger he sold to the Yankees are featured on a "one-of-a-kind piece of baseball history" being offered at auction as part of Beckett's "Hardwood Legends" series.

This "piece of history" is a 2005 SP Legendary Dual Cuts Autograph card, which contains cut autographs of Ruth and Frazee. Of course, Frazee sold Ruth to the Yankees for $125,000 and a $300,000 mortgage on Fenway Park after the 1919 baseball season.

November 4, 2014
$3M Goldin Auctions Sale Led by 1934 Babe Ruth Contract
Call it good product, call it good timing around the conclusion of the 2014 World Series. Or you could call it successful, as the recently concluded Goldin Auctions October Legends Auction recorded nearly $3 million in sales from almost 11,000 bids.

November 4, 2014
Chris Davis’ Kick Six helmet sells for $47,000 at auction
Auburn’s Kick Six touchdown to beat then-No. 1 Alabama will live forever in college football lore, and now the helmet Chris Davis wore for those 109 glorious yards will live forever in some Auburn graduate’s living room.

November 3, 2014
Top Sports Collectable Scams
The sports memorabilia market is one of the trickiest markets for private collectors. The market is frequently flooded with forged pieces.

Keeping an eye out for some of the common scams can help you avoid becoming a victim of collectables fraud.

November 2, 2014
BGS 9.5 1984-85 Star Jordan Highlights Next Beckett Auction
The introductory bid for this cardboard treasure? A steep $50,000, but it’s a small price to pay for what could be the greatest single copy of this card to ever come to auction.

November 1, 2014
2014 Flawless Football Arrives
This is the first time in football that a box of this nature has been released.

The early results are showing that singles aren't selling hot like expected. While this may be one of the better products of the year, is it worth $1,350 per box?

November 1, 2014
First Look: 2014 Topps Five Star Football
Each box will include one autographed memorabilia, multi-player autograph, Silver Signatures Autograph or a Golden Graphs Autograph. Boxes also feature four Five Star Autographed cards plus one other Five Star Autographed card, Cut Signature, Legends Relic or a 1 of 1 Relic.

The Five Star Autographs feature up to 100 veteran stars, legends and rookies. There is a Rainbow parallel numbered to 25 and a 1 of 1 parallel. Silver Signatures and Golden Ink are signed in silver and gold in, respectively and have several parallel levels: Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, Orange and Red numbered to 25 down to a 1 of 1 level. More sneak peek card images after the jump...

October 31, 2014
Villanova 1985 Championship ring put up for auction by Gary McLain
According to Goldin Auctions, former Villanova Wildcat Gary McLain has his 1985 Championship 14k gold ring up for auction. The minimum asking bid was $3,000, but the current bid is at $6,500.

October 31, 2014
5 things you don't know about those Beckett sports card magazines
There's more to the legacy of Beckett price guides than than the staple-bound 80-page books my friends and I would hoard month after month.

October 31, 2014
‘Pawn Stars’ Experts Trade Fame For Treasure In Lieu Of Paychecks
They are the Pawn Stars co-stars, the experts who help separate the genuine from the fake, the treasure from the trash. Without them, History’s Pawn Stars would be Antiques Roadshow: Las Vegas, only with more guns.

They work without a script, and they’re not paid a dime, but being on the show has boosted their businesses and made them brand names in the appraiser field.

October 30, 2014
Replica championship rings drawing big cash on eBay
Replica rings given to each ticketed fan in attendance have gone for as much as $299 on the online auction site — a considerable markup for an item worth about $30.

13 had been sold as of 10 p.m. Wednesday, all for at least $175. There were another 47 active listings, with a high bid of $255.

October 30, 2014
Chet Walker’s 1967 NBA Championship Ring On the Block
The size-13.5, 14-carat gold ring features a diamond set in the center of a red semi-precious stone with “Philadelphia World Champions” inscribed on the rim surrounding the stone. To the left of center is the team logo ”76” and Walker’s name. Opposite is the NBA logo and the year 1967, with the record of ”Won 68 Lost 13”.

Last year, Nate D. Sanders auctioned off Walker’s Hall of Fame Ring and Trophy for $49,555 and $40,953.

October 30, 2014
Madison Bumgarner arrives in full
If there were any questions about who was The Star of this year’s World Series, this guy answered it Wednesday night.

He’s been a steady signer for card companies since his cardboard debut back in 2007. He’s appeared on 1,427 different cards in the Beckett.com database with a total value of more than $13,400 excluding rarities — for now. Of those cards, he has 324 certified autographs and 253 memorabilia cards. Interestingly, 76.5 percent of all Bumgarner cards are serial-numbered (1,093 cards) — a relatively high number.

October 29, 2014
Starr-Collecting: The Lasting Legacy of Bart Starr
For the avid football memorabilia hunter, a Starr collection can be sprawling, colorful and amazing, considering the wide range of cards, memorabilia, photographs, autographs, figures, programs, magazines and more.

October 29, 2014
Five Reasons to Love and Hate 2014 Flawless Football
With the pending release of Flawless Football, there are different feelings of sentiment surrounding the product given its history. There are reasons why it deserves the hype it's getting.

In basketball, it made an indelible mark with the highest price tag for a licensed product. In football, it's doing the same thing.

October 29, 2014
LeBron James' Heat jersey comes to Heritage Auctions
The 2012-2013 jersey is one of the finest from the NBA star to have come to auction, and one of the most important. It is expected to see top bids in the November 6-8 Sports Catalog Auction in Dallas.

October 28, 2014
Fan's Man Cave Features Royals Scoreboard Replica
What do you do when you can't go to a stadium to watch your favorite team? You bring the stadium experience home.

One Kansas City Royals fan built a man cave in his basement, but it's his TV that's getting his favorite team talking.

October 28, 2014
Bud Selig, Yankees, Mets to donate replicas of items stolen from Yogi Berra Museum
Burglars stole two MVP plaques, five World Series rings and 10 replacement rings - valued at $2 million on the open market - on Oct. 7. New items will also be donated to the exisiting collection, according to the museum.

October 28, 2014
50 years of NFL history come to The Henry Ford museum
Gridiron Glory: The Best of the Pro Football Hall of Fame” is on tour with artifacts from the Canton, Ohio, destination, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The 6,000-square-foot exhibit includes everything from the dramatic Vince Lombardi Trophy and the heavy curtains of an authentic interactive instant replay booth to the weathered leather on Knute Rockne’s 1919 Massillon Tigers helmet.

October 27, 2014
Collect call: 2014 Topps Update baseball
Topps winds up production of its flagship baseball product with its 2014 Update set, and it’s a nice finish. Sharp photography, All-Star memories and traded players in new uniforms make for a satisfying product.

There are 330 cards to the base set, along with short-printed variations. A hobby box contains 36 packs, with 10 cards to a pack. That’s always good news for set builders.


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